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HFFI Sponsored a tour of the USS Monitor in Norfolk, VA in September

Historic Fredericksburg Foundation Members enjoy access to lectures, tours, and other special events. Enroll for any event by contacting Mary K. at (540)371-4504, stopping by the 1200 Caroline Street office, or enrolling on-line when available.

Upcoming Events:

PUBLIC CONTACT: For information about the Historic Fredericksburg Foundationís 34th Annual Candlelight Tour, contact the Historic Fredericksburg Foundation 540-371-4504, e-mail us at: or contact the Fredericksburg Visitor Center at 1-800-678-4748 or 540-373-1776 or visit Visit the website for the Visitor Center at: and The Historic Fredericksburg Foundation:

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: HFFI is looking for volunteers to work Shifts throughout the 2 day event. If anyone is interested, please contact the HFFI Office at: 540-371-4504 or e-mail us at:

ATTENTION NEWS DIRECTORS: Our press POC is: Teri R. Reece, 2006 Candlelight Tour Coordinator at 540-786-4772, 540-760-5705 or via email: We are willing to work with you if you want to set-up live shots/interviews.

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