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Oral History
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Marker Program
Making resources on Fredericksburg's architecture and history available
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In the research room at HFFI

The historic Fredericksburg Foundation fulfills its educational mission by opening its records and research materials to the public. A long-term project is to make as many as possible of these record available electronically. Propriety information may be copied and used for research or commercially for a fee. The following are available in our Research room at 1200 Caroline Street:

~ The HFFI Library, about 500 volumes on Virginia and local history, the city of Fredericksburg, and historic preservation practices.

~ Marker Program Research Reports, over two hundred compact illustrated reports giving a narrative history, chain of title, and other material related to Fredericksburg properties researched at the owners’ request by our Marker program.

~ The HFFI Photo Archive, a unique resource of 60 volumes containing hundreds of photographs and slides of Fredericksburg at various periods in its history.

~ The National Register Historic District research reports, architectural surveys, and card file compiled by HFFI when establishing the Fredericksburg Old and Historic District. This building-by-building material fills 12 file drawers.

~ The Oral History Collection of nearly 100 interviews of longtime Fredericksburg residents, often accompanied photos and other memorabilia. Available on paper and on CD.

~ Miscellaneous papers, guidelines, research, and institutional records.


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